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welcome to Petals + Plates Perth 


The beginning...

Ever had something in your life you knew you were just destined to do. Well that for me is cooking. I have lived and breathed the "chef life" for over a decade now, worked in many kitchens in NZ and Australia, competed and won competitions and at the end of it can still say its my passion, and I love it.

When something as complicated, yet so simple as food can take you back to a memory, remind you of when mum made your favourite dish for you every birthday, or maybe a crispy, warm, slightly salty beef pie you had when you went to a relatives farm over the holidays. Or maybe its the creamy mash potato with so much flavour that reminds you of the flavourless sludge you had at a friends house that one time and makes you laugh when mum tells you off for almost pouring the salt shaker on it. That right there, that ability to make a person feel so happy is why I fell in love with food.

Im still a head chef of a busy kitchen here in Perth. I love it, the rush of a busy service. I don't think I could give that up... just yet. But I also love being out there and meeting knew people and talking about all things food. To get to know my customers and hear what they love and see first hand how happy my food makes them. I put my whole heart into each and every grazing table and platter, and taste first hand what cheese, cured meats, dips and produce I put on every table. I go out every morning and source the freshest produce and products for my valued customers just as I would in my kitchen.


What makes us the leading grazing company in Perth?

What you will get from me? 

A reliable, passionate, talented chef who knows where to buy the freshest and best product and produce in Perth, that can put together an amazing spread for you and have your guests talking into 2021.

Someone to take care of all your catering needs. No need to run around for days prior picking up food, chopping, dicing, slicing, making dips, driving all over the place, finding platters, cheese knives and spoons. I take care of everything.


Dietary requirement or dietary choice? 

No problem! Iv got you covered. I know all about them and will find equally as delicious alternatives.

Still have questions?

Drop me a line, Im pretty friendly. I know Ramsey may have given us chefs a bad name, but trust me we are teddy bears.

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